Which shipping options do you offer?

We ship with DHL. Choose between home delivery, and delivery to your chose service point (you will receive a link to choose your service point after the shipment is sent from our warehouse).  

How much does shipping cost?

We have a flat shipping fee of €6.  

What is the delivery time?

Our normal delivery time is 1-3 days with DHL. Orders received on weekends will be shipped on the early following Monday. If there should be any delays with the delivery (without us notifying you of an extended delivery time), please contact our customer service. 

Do I have to pay for customs? 

We cover the custom fees in advance, so you won't have to pay for customs and additional fees when ordering from us.

Which payment methods do we accept?

We accept payment with Visa, Mastercard and Klarna. 

Where can I see my order status?

We will send you an email every time the status of your order is updated. You will receive an email when we receive your order and when it is shipped from our end. Depending on the shipping option you have chosen, you will be able to track your package from the time it is shipped by us until it arrives at its new home with you.

What should I do if I need to change my order?

We will do everything we can to assist you in the easiest way possible. If your items have not been shipped yet, you can send us an email at customerservice@myykhome.com, and we will assist you as quickly as possible.

If you have already received your item(s) or they are on their way to you, and you wish to exchange for a different product, you can simply return the product you have already received or ordered. You will be refunded, and then you can place a new order.

What should I do if I entered the wrong address in my order?

Please send us an email at customerservice@myykhome.com. To assist you more quickly, it would be great if you could include the correct address and order number in your initial email. 

How can I cancel my order?

If we haven't shipped your order yet, you can cancel it by sending us an email at customerservice@myykhome.com. If you have already received your item(s) or they are on their way to you, there is no problem at all. You can send us an email or simply follow the return guidelines here. 

I am unable to complete the order. 

If there is an issue or if you're having trouble navigating our online store, you can send us an email at customerservice@myykhome.com. We will be happy to assist you in completing your order.

I haven't received confirmation that my order has been shipped. 

It could simply be because we haven't had a chance to process your order yet, and we are working hard to assist you. If you feel that we are too slow, you can send us an email at customerservice@myykhome.com

What should I do if an item I ordered is out of stock? 

If you have ordered an item that is out of stock from our inventory, the entire order will be shipped once the missing item is back in stock. If you wish to split the order, so you don't have to wait for the items that are already available in stock, you can send us an email at customerservice@myykhome.com

Why haven't my item(s) arrived? 

If we are out of stock on an item you have ordered, the entire order will be shipped once the missing item is back in stock. If you wish to split the order, so you don't have to wait for items that are in stock, you can send us an email at customerservice@myykhome.com. If you have received confirmation that your order has been shipped, you can track it using the tracking information provided in the email you received. 

What is your return address?

If you're returning or exchanging an item, you don't need our return address. When you fill out the return form, we will provide you with a return label. The return label provides free return shipping.

If you have any questions about return/exchange, you can send an email to customerservice@myykhome.com. Please label the email with "Return" and include the order number in the subject field. 

How do I exchange or return an item? 

In order to have a return approved, you need to fill out our return form digitally. Click onto our return page and follow the provided instructions for returns. 

What do I do if there is a defect with my item?

Oh no! That is not supposed to happen and we would love to help you with that. Please go to our return page for return instructions. Once you have filled out the return form and we have received the item in return, we will initiate the refund process. 

How do I get a refund for an item? 

When we receive your return, you will receive a confirmation by email, and then we will refund the money using the payment method you used when purchasing the product. 

How long will it take to receive a refund?

The entire return process takes about 10-14 business days. From the moment you receive a confirmation email that we have received the return, it takes approximately 3-5 business days for the money to be back in your account. 

Can sale items be returned?

Yes, they can. 

What's unique about the products from MYYK?  

We at MYYK are passionately dedicated to sleep and comfort. Since the bed is one of the places where we spend the most time in our lives, we believe it is extremely important to put love and energy into creating products that make your time in bed even better.

We are very proud to offer super soft, high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Our products for the bathroom and bedroom are woven from the finest long-staple cotton to ensure that you feel even better when you go to bed, wake up, or step out of the shower.

Where is the bedding made? 

Our bedding is sustainably produced in Portugal using techniques that have been passed down and refined through three generations - since 1921. The fabric is first woven, then cut and sewn. Afterwards, the finished bedding sets and sheets are dyed and stone-washed.

What weave and thread count does MYYK use in bedding? 

The bedding is made of 100% cotton woven into cotton sateen. We have chosen to produce bedding in sateen with long-staple cotton and a thread count of 300TC because that quality provides a unique, almost creamy, and (of course) super soft sensation against the skin.

What is the difference between sateen and percale? 

Sateen and percale are weaving techniques and do not indicate the material the bedding is made of, only how the fabric is woven. The difference between the weaving methods is that percale is woven with every other thread going under and over. Sateen, on the other hand, is woven with one thread over and, for example, three threads under.

Sateen has a super soft finish with a slight sheen, while percale provides a crisper sensation against the skin. The preference between the two is a matter of personal taste, but since we are called MYYK, we chose to go for the softest quality we could find.

It turned out that sateen with a thread count of 300TC, woven from long-staple cotton, became our clear favorite. Our sateen is also stone-washed to soften the cotton fibers and provide a matte, delicate appearance that doesn't require the help of an iron. Additionally, the bedding will shrink less in the wash.

What certifications do our bedding have?

Both our production process and final product are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. It is a global program that tests production and products for harmful and dangerous chemicals. All steps in the production and all components of the product must meet their standards for a product to receive certification. The more the product comes into contact with the skin, the stricter the requirements.

You can read more about our certifications and environmentally friendly initiatives here.

 What does a bedding set include? 

A bedding set includes a pillowcase and a duvet cover. Bedding sets for double duvets include two pillowcases and a duvet cover. 

Which mattresses does the fitted sheet fit? 

We have fitted sheets available in three different sizes, specifically for beds with a width of 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm. Currently, we only offer fitted sheets for beds with a standard length of 200 cm. The fitted sheet is suitable for mattresses that are 20 cm deep. Here are our sizes in cm:

  1. 140x200x20
  2. 160x200x20
  3. 180x200x20

What sizes do you have for duvet covers? 

Currently, we offer duvet covers in 5 different sizes, 140x200, 140x220, 150x200, 200x220 and 240x220

Do you have duvet covers for double duvets? 

Yes, we do. We have bedding sets available for double duvets in the sizes 200x220 and 240x220. Bedding sets for double duvets come with two pillowcases. 

What sizes do you have for pillowcases? 

We offer pillowcases in three sizes. Which is 50x60, 50x70, and hotel-sized pillows at 70x100. 

How do I wash the bedding? 

We recommend washing the bedding inside out with a gentle wash cycle at a maximum of 

60 degrees. The bedding can be tumble dried on low heat, but we suggest removing it before it's completely dry and allowing it to air dry hanging. If you want to maintain the stone washed look for as long as possible, we recommend not ironing the bedding.

To reduce some wrinkles after washing, we have a helpful tip: After taking the bedding out of the machine, we recommend (either by yourself or with the help of someone else) grabbing all four corners and gently stretching the bedding. Then, fold it in half like a rectangle and stretch it again. Dry it flat on a drying rack or hang up.

You can read more about proper care for bedding here.

Does the bedding get wrinkled? 

All cotton can get wrinkled, but the advantage of our cotton is that it will wrinkle less as it is used and washed.

You can also prevent wrinkles by air drying the bedding by hanging it. If you choose to use a tumble dryer, you can minimize wrinkles by taking out the bedding and hanging it up a little before the cycle is complete.

We recommend avoiding bedding that is marketed as "wrinkle-free" or similar. These are often treated with artificial chemicals to avoid wrinkles.