We're GOTS certified.

We are happy to inform you that all our products are now GOTS certified.

This means that every single step in the production process, from picking cotton to packaging products in recycled plastic, is done 100% ethically according to the strict standards of GOTS - the Global Organic Textile Standar

Why is it important?

The basic idea behind MYYK is that the products we use every day should be of high quality but without a price that costs you sleepless nights. And by that, we mean that the products should not only be reasonably priced (see our pricing model here), but that you, and we, can be sure that the product is produced in a way that is both environmentally friendly and fair to everyone in the value chain.

GOTS is the most comprehensive and internationally recognized standard in the textile industry. The certification ensures full transparency in all stages of production.

Organic cotton

GOTS requires a minimum use of 70% organically grown fibers to qualify for certification. All our products are made with 100% certified organic cotton.

Did you know that there is a big difference between organic and "regular" cotton? When you choose a GOTS certified product, you contribute to cotton production that uses significantly less water and no chemicals that harm soil and air.

Environmentally friendly packaging

All goods must also comply with requirements for more sustainable packaging, which means that all paper, cardboard, and plastic we use are recycled. But even though we meet all the requirements set by GOTS, we have set ourselves the goal of further developing our packaging to become even greener in 2021.

No harmful chemicals

All our organic cotton is kept completely separate from conventional cotton throughout the production process. This is done to prevent it from coming into contact with any harmful chemicals.

Everything from the use of dyes to water consumption follows strict requirements - both to ensure that you as an end customer and the environment can feel confident that the products are produced as environmentally friendly as possible.

Fair for all

One of the most important reasons why we wanted GOTS across all our products is that this certification, unlike other industry standards, also ensures the rights of everyone who works with our products.

This is especially true for those who pick and produce the organic cotton we use in all MYYK products. With GOTS, we are guaranteed that all workers have safe working conditions and fair wages. The workweek is limited to 48 hours and always with a day off. All overtime is voluntary and should be paid at a higher hourly rate. In addition, all workers should have the opportunity to organize themselves.

Below you will find a video from GOTS - for those who want to know even more about why we believe this certification is important for everyone working with textile products.


GOTS explained – by GOTS themselves.