Soft landings since 2019

Your bed sheets should be as comfortable as your favorite shoes. We have made it our mission to supply as many people as possible with super soft everyday items that makes your life just a little bit softer.

It wasn't all smiles and giggles.

The idea for our brand was born from a frustration over the status quo of everyday items in Scandinavian homes.

We realized that the things we use all the time, like bed sheets and towels, were often the most generic, mass produced and lowest quality items we owned.

On top of that, we found higher quality alternatives to be aesthetically outdated and overpriced.

So, we decided to do something about it.

So smooth we had to add an extra vowel.

Together with our partner in Portugal – a small family owned factory with over 100 years of experience – we created what we believe are the softest and most comfortable bedding products on the market.

Sateen woven, stonewashed and made from organic GOTS-certified long fibre cotton.

And that is how our name came about: the Norwegian word for soft is "myk".


Already in bed with over forty thousand people.

We are forever grateful for being invited into the homes of so many people over the last few years.

Trusting the Internet is usually not sound advice, but with over three thousand 5-star ratings from certified customers, we're confident that you'll savor the moment you get into bed every night just a little bit more.