Privacy Policy

When completing an order in the online store, you will be asked to provide your personal information. You must confirm that the personal information is accurate and complete. You are responsible for any incorrect information. Below you will find information about MYYK's handling of personal information.  

Use of personal information

MYYK AS will always protect your personal information. We will always comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding privacy. MYYK AS is responsible for the processing of the personal information you provide to By accepting our terms of sale, you agree to MYYK AS's processing of personal information in accordance with this.

MYYK AS uses the personal information you provide to process and deliver your order for MYYK AS may also use your personal information for identification, processing and statistical purposes.

At MYYK AS, we do not sell your personal information to third-party entities. Nor do we exchange or disclose this information to third-party entities. If MYYK AS needs to use a third-party to perform certain services or improvements on, these entities may have access to the information we collect. In such cases, strict agreements are made between MYYK AS and the third party to protect the information security of our customers. MYYK AS is responsible for the processing of personal information.

If you wish to make changes to your data stored with us, send an email to informing us of the changes you wish to make.